Building on a tradition of trust

Celebrating over 85 years of successful sustained growth, marked by innovation, foresight, integrity and aggressive performance designed to meet or exceed our commitments to our customers, clients and partners we work with. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will continue to be dictated by the core values that reflect this multigenerational family owned company.

The Slokker Group is characterized by an impressive track record of building homes, the development, construction and management of retail, office, industrial and warehouse space and the creation of successful offices and partnerships in the United States and Canada for more than 30 years. A solid financial foundation allows Slokker to consider any real estate project, regardless of size or financial structure. Slokker constantly strives to maximize the financial and social outcome for all parties involved in a project, while simultaneously delivering sustainable innovative contributions to high-quality and enjoyable living and working environments.

Since 1935, we have proven our ability to react positively and decisively to changing economic and social circumstances, which is a hallmark of our company profile.

Innovation and particularly the ‘greening’ of building and community development is an inherent part of our company structure and culture.

The 21st century demands this innovation in the application of new and more efficient building designs and production techniques. We are committed and heavily invested into Research and Design and for the continuing education of our employees, who are the talented and professional backbone of the Slokker organization. This Slokker team strives and demands the highest standards, utilizing the most sophisticated systems, while working in an intense but enjoyable environment.

In a world of rapid and sometimes volatile change, we will continue to acquire and develop quality properties in selected target markets based on realistic values and carefully analyzed results, both for our own investments, as well as for our partners.


For over 85 years, Slokker has earned a well-deserved reputation for its activities in Holland marked by the construction of over 75,000 homes and 27,500,000 sf. of commercial and industrial real estate. Slokker is known for its innovative and leading edge building techniques, its dedication to its customers and clients and its commitment to the social and environmental standards demanded by all of those involved in the delivery of quality housing and work space.



In 1979, Slokker opened its first office in Denver, Colorado. Since that time, we have partnered with a number of long-standing professionals and completed hundreds of successful real estate projects and community developments. Slokker continues to be opportunistic and positive, as well as challenging economic times with caution and prudence.


Slokker entered the Canadian market in 1985, followed by the opening of an office in Toronto in 1995. Since that time, this office has become Slokker Canada East and has been active in over 20 projects, representing over 6,000 residential units and 90,000 square feet of retail space. In 2007, we opened an office in Calgary, Alberta, to build multi-family projects in this vibrant city. This office Slokker Canada West is involved in over 15 projects, representing over 2,000 residential units.